Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management Opens Global Hub

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Global Hub pic
Global Hub

An executive in the insurance technology field, Amir Pirnia is vice president of engineering at Hixme in Los Angeles. Amir Pirnia holds an MBA with a concentration in marketing, management, and strategy from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, which opened its new Global Hub in the spring of 2017.

The Kellogg School’s new Global Hub is a 415,000-square-foot building on Lake Michigan that features two atriums. The first, Collaboration Plaza, was designed as a meeting place for the Kellogg community. The second atrium, Faculty Summit, is located above Collaboration Plaza and serves as a gathering place for faculty from various disciplines.

Other features of the Global Hub include White Auditorium, a two-story meeting space that overlooks Lake Michigan and seats up to 300 people. The Global Hub also includes flexible classrooms that can be combined through removable walls to accommodate larger groups.

The classrooms are outfitted with advanced technology, and some even have telepresence technology, allowing the school to welcome remote guest lecturers. To learn more about Kellogg’s Global Hub, visit


BBVA’s Propel Ventures Leads Hixme’s $14.1 Million Series B Funding

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Amir Pirnia has helped several startups grow past their initial years to become large organizations. His expertise in programming, engineering and technology has allowed him to nurture and fuel the potential of . Amir Pirnia is the vice president of engineering at Hixme, a technology leader in the new era of worker-owned benefits which received an investment from Propel Venture Partners, a fintech venture capital (VC) fund, backed by Spanish banking group BBVA.

In 2016, Hixme opened and closed a Series B funding round for $14.1 million led by Propel Venture Partners. Other investors who took part include Rosemark Capital, Transamerica Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB). Hixme’s total funding now stands at $26.6 million.

The company will use the funds to promote Hixme’s Workplace Market platform and the new Hixme Bundle, a product that integrates medical insurance with gap insurances and monetary features that give workers and their families a buffer from the risk of unpredictable health care occurrences. Following the investment, Tom Whiteaker of Propel Venture Partners and Chris Kuenne of Rosemary Capital joined Hixme’s board.

Hixme is Propel Venture Partners’ sixth investment since its establishment in February 2016. Whitaker stated Propel was attracted to Hixme’s innovative use of technology to give employers and their employees flexible health care coverage. This, according to Whiteaker, empowers families by giving them the opportunity to choose the health and financial coverage they need.