Hixme’s Flexible, Individual Worker-Centered Health Care Coverage

Hixme pic
Hixme pic
Image: bbva.com

As engineering vice president of Hixme Insurance Solutions, Inc., Amir Pirnia helps guide a respected presence in the technology-driven health care sphere. The focus of Amir Pirnia and his team is on providing a cost-effective and tailored way for employees to take control of their health benefits.

One advantage of the Hixme approach is that it helps protect the bottom lines of American workers amidst a situation of ACA/AHCA “ping-pong,” in which there are efforts underway to fix, repeal, or replace elements of the health care reform enacted during the previous White House administration. In particular, the cycle of lessening worker satisfaction and increased costs is leading to the exact type of employer-sponsored health benefits model that Hixme offers.

Hixme is driving an evolution beyond the single employer “pooling” system, which works well only for those companies with thousands of employees and family members covered. Hixme’s model enables employer group coverage to be shifted to bundled “actuarially equivalent coverage” that emphasizes the use of direct-to-consumer products. This tailors coverage to the everyday needs of those covered and avoids unnecessary costs.